Toshiba & Wernher von Braun Center Sign Memorandum

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Tokyo, Japan, December 3 — Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the establishment of a semiconductor design house joint venture (JV) with the Wernher von Braun Center for Advanced Research (VBC), one of Brazil’s leading electronics engineering research institutes, and Semp Toshiba Informática Ltda. (STI), a Brazilian Toshiba affiliate.

Under the scope of the MOU, the three organizations will execute a definitive agreement and establish the JV, which will design semiconductors for applications in Brazil, by the end of March 2011. The new JV will be capitalized at US$4 million, with an ownership ratio of VBC 10%, STI 60% and Toshiba 30%.

Commenting on the JV, Mr. Shozo Saito, Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Electronics Devices & Components Group, Toshiba Corporation, said: “Last January, Toshiba welcomed twenty Brazilian semiconductor engineers to our training center in Japan for five months of intensive training in semiconductor design engineering. We also have two semiconductor design engineers in Brazil now, for the year starting last March, supporting training of semiconductor engineers. Given this, we believe the time is right for establishing a design house in a JV with key partners. We look forward to the design center’s successful establishment and operation, and to the contributions we expect it to make to the nurturing of a Brazilian semiconductor industry.”


In April 2006, the Japanese and Brazilian governments signed a memorandum of understanding on the introduction of an ISDB-T-based digital television system in Brazil, and the enhancement of the Brazilian electric and electronics industry in relation to the television system. In line with this, the two countries are cooperating in executing a roadmap for cultivating a semiconductor industry, under the Brazilian government’s “IC Project”.

Toshiba undertook a survey of the potential for a semiconductor industry in Brazil and found that the initial steps required were to train people to build and drive forward the industry and to strengthen design capabilities. The company has supported this, and the inter-government project, by training Brazilian engineers in Japan, and, under the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), by despatching two engineers to Brazil.

Outline of the joint venture

Location: Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Representative: Not determined yet
Business: Design of semiconductor products
Established: March 2011 (planned)
Capital: 4 million US dollars
Ownership: VBC 10%, STI 60%, Toshiba 30%


Outline of Wernher von Braun Center for Advanced Research

Location: Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Representative: Dario Sassi Thober
Business: Assessment and development of microelectronics technology
Established: 1997


Outline of Semp Toshiba Informática Ltda

Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
President: Afonso Antonio Hennel
Business: Manufacturing and sales of information system products
Established: 1996

–(Toshiba Corporation News Releases)–

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